Song of the Week: Glitter


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    Tyler the Creator is arguably one of the most controversial and influential artists of the 2010’s. His music style, which falls in the broad category of rap, has always been unapologetically crude. However, many critics believe that his lyrics often leak out of the “edgy” category and into a more problematic area.

    Tyler has never been great at writing love songs. He either tries too hard to appear nonchalant or oversexualizes his relationships, which makes his music unrelatable and unappealing to critics. “Glitter” was the closest he has gotten to capturing the genuine love that has been dying to break out of his music. The voicemail he leaves his lover makes him truthful and open with the person since he won’t have to deal with their response immediately.

    “Flower Boy” is not Tyler’s grooviest album, however, this album proved to critics that he knows how to do more than make a statement.

    The song is also a certifiable bop with a quality beat and good vocals. It’s not quite radio friendly, but the song itself makes you want to break out into dance moves and high five literally everyone in your vicinity.

    If “Glitter” shows us anything, Tyler the Creator has finally gotten his mainstream groove, while still holding onto the differentness that made fans love his music in the first place.