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Asian Culture Club hosts Campus Connections event

Adrien Tirouvanziam March 28, 2021

On Mar. 17, the Decatur High School Asian Culture Club (ACC) paired up with another Asian Culture Club at Emory’s Oxford campus. The meeting was a Campus Connections event where college students spoke...

CSD announces the Decatur Virtual Academy

CSD announces the Decatur Virtual Academy

Joe Burke March 26, 2021
City Schools of Decatur recently announced that plans were being made for a long-term online learning option for students. This system of education, called the Decatur Virtual Academy, would allow students who have thrived in an online environment to continue their studies virtually and serve as a replacement for in-person school. 
Hundreds gather at Liberty Plaza to show solidarity for Asian lives

Hundreds gather at Liberty Plaza to show solidarity for Asian lives

Finn McWhirter March 23, 2021

On Mar. 20, hundreds of men, women, children, adults, politicians and citizens gathered at Liberty Plaza outside of the Georgia capitol to demonstrate support for Asian American lives and protest against...

Berry Gordy: Triumph and Success

Berry Gordy: Triumph and Success

Alexander Benoit March 22, 2021

Decatur High School held a Black History month assembly in the PAC on February 23 and February 26, 2021. The Assemblies, also known as Motown, is a story about “triumph, aspiration and influence”...

CSD Announces Changes to In-Person Learning

CSD Announces Changes to In-Person Learning

Molly Peisner March 19, 2021

On March 17, 2021 an email sent out by City Schools of Decatur announced that the two separate groups of in-person 6-12 students would be combining, and in-person learning would be open to a larger...

The winning mural design for the Student Center,

Student Center remodels, incorporating student art

Alexis Siegler March 9, 2021
As some students opt to return to in-person school at DHS, they will encounter a renovated, remodeled Student Center as compared to the one they left behind almost a year ago. The design of the center is inspired by students, whose vision was unleashed within focus groups, surveys and, especially, artwork. They wanted the center “to look like no other space in the building, they didn’t want to feel like they were in school,” Diane Andree, the Student Success Coordinator, said.
Ethics Bowl team wins state competition

Ethics Bowl team wins state competition

Adrien Tirouvanziam March 7, 2021

On Feb. 23, the Decatur High School ethics bowl team competed in the regional matchup, hoping to qualify for nationals. Despite losing to the Florida champions, junior Ethan Joyce believes that the season...

Senior projects cancelled by Principal Lofstrand

Senior projects cancelled by Principal Lofstrand

Ashanti Washington February 9, 2021
On Friday morning Jan.15, the seniors of Decatur High School (DHS) and their parents received an email from Principal Rochelle Lofstrand regarding the Senior project.
On Jan. 15, Lofstrand sent out an email discussing the contents of the new, discussed plan, taking into account the student and parent perspectives at the SLT meeting.

Wednesday School FAQ

Alexis Siegler and Adrien Tirouvanziam February 3, 2021

At a December school board meeting, it was announced that Wellness Wednesday, a day off from synchronous instruction, would be altered to a half day of instruction. Learning this, DHS Principal Rochelle...

Sam Varkey's petition to keep Wellness Wednesday received almost 2,000 signatures on change.org.

SLT Meeting Discusses Phasing Out Wellness Wednesday

MaryRyan Howarth January 12, 2021

On Jan. 11, at 4:30pm, the School Leadership Team (SLT) held a meeting that largely discussed the ideas for phasing out Wellness Wednesday. Decatur High School (DHS) principal Rochelle Lofstrand invited...

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