Voter Registration FAQ


Aiden Payne

The 2022 election cycle will be the deciding factor in a number of state and federal elections this year. However, for those who are turning/have turned 18 years old this year, you will first need to register to vote before you can cast your ballot in any elections. This FAQ will explain who can vote, how to register to vote, and any upcoming deadlines pertaining to this year’s election cycle.

When is the deadline to register to vote?

If you have not already registered, the deadline for the upcoming election cycle is April 25, 2022

Who can register to vote?

If you would like to register yourself for this upcoming election cycle, you must be 

  1. A legal resident of the state of Georgia,
  2. At least 17 ½ years of age,
  3. A citizen of the United States of America,
  4. Not found mentally incompetent by a judge,
  5. Not currently serving a criminal sentence.

If your eligibility for any of these criteria changes after registering, you must contact your county’s voter registration office. Dekalb County’s voter registration office can be contacted through [email protected] or through (404) 298-4020.

If I’ve already registered to vote for previous election cycles, do I have to register again?

You only have to re-register yourself to vote if you have

  1. Changed your legal name,
  2. Moved into a voting precinct different than the one you registered for,
  3. Switched political parties,
  4. Haven’t voted in the past four years.

If none of these topics apply to you, then no, you do not need to register to vote again.

How do I register to vote online?

First, you should visit your state’s online voter registration system. For Georgia, you can follow this link.

You should find yourself with this page, pictured below. If you would like to change your voter information or register yourself to vote, click the button reading “I Want to Register to Vote!” circled below.

Next, you will find yourself with another option of buttons. If you would like to continue to register online, click the button circled in the image below. If you would like to register online, you must have a valid Georgia Driver’s License or ID number.

Then, fill out all of the checkboxes below confirming your eligibility to vote. Once complete, click the “Begin Voter Registration” button.

Next, the software will ask you to designate whether you would like to register to vote or if you would like to change your voter information. It will also ask you to select your county of residence, your legal name, your date of birth, and your Georgia Driver’s License/ID number.

In step three, you are then asked to fill out your address of residency and your making address if the two differ from each other.

Then, the software asks you to fill out any modes of contact. You must also fill out your assigned sex, your race/ethnicity, and the ending digits of your Social Security number.

In the last step, you will be shown a confirmation screen, showing you an overview of your voter information and what you submitted. It is important to remember this information as you may need to access it later in the voting process. After reviewing your information, you can submit your information and finalize the voter registration process.

What should I do after registering?

Upon the completion of your voter registration process, be sure to look out for any phone calls, text messages, or emails from your state or district’s voting department. They may send material pertaining to voting-based volunteer opportunities, potential issues with your registration, or any other important information.