Georgia State Neuroscience Department Brings Animal Brains to DHS


Students take turns handling the different brain samples.

Kate Sherwood, Writer

On Sept. 12 and 13, Georgia State University (GSU) brought a variety of animal brain samples to Decatur High School (DHS) students in the Junior and Senior IB and AP Psychology classes. This was part of a neuroscience presentation led by Amin Ghane, a Ph.D. Student in neuroscience at GSU, and Jennifer Walcott, the Project Coordinator for the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience at GSU. 

In this presentation, students were able to observe samples of a rat, dolphin, monkey, mouse, horse and the human brain. Of these, they were able to hold and compare human, horse and dolphin brains. 

“[The presentation allowed] students a hands-on experience of the physical intricacies that make up the amazing brain.”

IB and AP psychology teacher Cherith Johnson stated “This visit was scheduled during or after each class has been studying about parts of the brain and localization of function in the brain.”


A student observes one of the brains brought in by GSU.

Senior Gabriella Malerba is currently taking AP Psychology and found the experience to be enriching. 

“We’re learning about the brain in psychology and it was very helpful to have someone explain the parts in real life,”  Malerba commented, “It was really cool to see the similarities and differences between [the brains].” 

In addition to the hands-on activities, students were able to hear a presentation from Ghane about his interest in neuroscience and what he is currently working on in the program

As Ghane is graduating in the near future, this was his third and final year coming to DHS.

“We are so bummed to see him go as he has been exceedingly generous with his time“,  Johnson said.