Warriors went from a revolutionary dynasty to a laughing stock; What happened to them?


The 2019-2020 NBA season is underway and the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty is over. They were thrashed by the Atlanta Hawks on Dec. 2, losing by 25 points, have a current record of 4-18, and are 15th place in the western conference.  They are suffering from injuries of key players, the departure of Kevin Durant, and have the worst defensive efficiency in the league. 

Star player Steph Curry is currently out with a broken left hand, Klay Thompson is currently out with a torn ACL, and Draymond Green has a torn ligament in his left index finger. 2014 Most Valuable Player (MVP) winner Kevin Durant left Golden State to pair up with elite point guard Kyrie Irving at the Brooklyn Nets. Just a year ago, those four all-stars were terrifying their opponents with their incredible shooting ability. Some argue Steph Curry and Klay Thompson made revolutionary changes to basketball by implementing the 3-point style of play. Due to their absence, the Warriors playing style has transitioned from a deadly fast-paced 3-point style of play into a slow paced old-school offense. Since 2014, the Warriors made 5 consecutive NBA finals, won three titles, and were arguably one of the best NBA teams of all-time. 

However, losing key players to trade and injures throughout the past 6 months have turned a title contending team into a rebuilding team. They are currently led by Eric Paschall, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Alec Burks, who are not nearly as electrifying as Curry, Thompson, and Durant. Without Draymond Green’s defensive contributions, the Warriors are conceding field goals left and right. In addition, the Warriors now lack prominent offensive players, so they are unable to score a lot of points and break down other defenses. 

Many past dynasties have come to an end, such as the Chicago Bulls during the 90’s or the Boston Celtics during the 50’s and early 60’s. Since those former dynasties eventually made progress to rebuild themselves, time will tell what happens to the Warriors as they look towards the 2020 NBA draft.