Brooklyn Shooting Shows its Effects in Georgia

Gabriel Smith

Mass shootings have been an issue in America over the past few decades, and after over 20 people were injured due to a shooting on the Brooklyn subway, its effects have been prevalent throughout the country. Security, particularly among public transport services, has increased all over the country, including Georgia’s own Marta.

Large groups of security guards can be seen patrolling Marta’s larger stations such as Five Points. 

“We will have increased patrols along the rail systems to include K-9 units, our special operations officers, and undercover officers,” said Marta Police Chief, Scott Kreher.

DHS is also making an effort to tighten its security in these times with the reinforcement of requiring students to use clear backpacks if they are to be carried throughout the school. Principal Lofstrand says this has no connection to the shooting in Brooklyn, but was reinstituted because of it not being well enforced.

Even zippered binders, laptop cases, and other types of bags that aren’t clear are now prohibited outside of lockers. This, however, raises questions among students regarding the effectiveness of this security effort. Considering that it is being done to prevent concealed weapons in school, this brings up the question of how easy the new backpack mandate would be to manipulate. A handgun could be stored in a lunchbox, inside of a paper bag within a clear backpack, or even in pants pockets.

“I feel it only directly affects athletes who bring sports equipment in a non-clear bag. I understand why it is a rule but also the fact it’s just now being enforced when there are only 5 weeks left of school is just strange” said an anonymous student regarding the new backpack rule.