NFL Playoff Predictions 2

Despite many delays due to COVID-19, the 2020 NFL season is coming to an end and only the top eight teams in the league remain. The season was odd enough with events such as the Cleveland Browns making the playoffs for the first time since 2002 and the New England Patriots missing the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Additionally, this is the first time in the NFL playoffs that there have been seven teams per conference, making both playoff races go down to the wire. The Chiefs still looked as dominant as ever, and the NFC East performed hysterically awful all season long. In the NFC, the remaining teams all have a fair chance of advancing to the Superbowl with none of the remaining contenders having a significant advantage over the other, and this is also true for the remaining teams in the AFC.


Luke’s Predictions: 

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Divisional Round:


  • Chiefs vs. Browns: Chiefs win 41-27

First up in the AFC divisional round matchup is the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Cleveland Browns. While the Browns did manage to pull off an upset against the Steelers, the Chiefs will not be so willing as to let the Browns walk all over them as they did the Steelers. Kansas City outclasses them in offense and experience. Despite their average defense, the Chiefs offense always makes up for their weak spot by scoring a lot, even against top tier defenses. Due to this, the Browns are going to have a very hard time stopping Patrick Mahomes on defense, but will still find that they are able to score a decent amount on offense. However, it will not be enough and the Chiefs will walk away with a relatively easy win. 


  • Bills vs. Ravens: Bills win 34-28

The next AFC divisional game is between the Bills and the Ravens. This game is going to be a lot more intense than the other AFC divisional game. Both of these teams have high offensive potential with good leaders on both teams. Recently, the Bills have been more productive on average than the Ravens; however, when Lamar Jackson plays well, the entire offense elevates to a different level. The reason why this game is going to be close is because even though the Ravens boast one of the better defenses in the league, the Bills have been able to score high points against almost all their opponents, however the Ravens should be able to stop them enough in order to give their offense room to work. Additionally, in last week’s wildcard game, the Ravens were only able to put up 20 points against a less than great Titans defense. The Bills are going to take this one and advance to the Conference Finals to face the Chiefs.


  • Packers vs. Rams: Packers win 35-24

The Packers vs. Rams showdown should be an interesting game to watch. It’s the number one defense against one of the best offenses. Both teams have playoff experience and plenty of weapons on offense. What it’s going to come down to is how well Aaron Rodgers is going to be able to pick apart the near impenetrable Rams defense. If Green Bay is able to achieve this, then they should have no problem advancing to the Conference Finals. However, I doubt the Rams will submit that easily. Star defensive end Aaron Donald will definitely have some say in how this game turns out. In the end, despite a valiant effort by the Rams, Aaron Rodgers will walk away with a win.


  • Buccaneers vs. Saints: Saints win 38-34

A divisional rivalry between two offensive teams is definitely going to lead to a high scoring game. The level of intensity is going to be through the roof, and when these two teams get serious, then all sorts of madness will ensue. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are by no means new to the playoff setting, and with a chance at the Conference Finals on the line both of these legendary quarterbacks are going to play like there is no tomorrow, because there probably isn’t. Expect a high scoring game with lots of lead changes and key defensive stops to determine the victor. In the end, the Saints will pull through with their superior defense and their running back, Alvin Kamara, leading them to the NFC championship. 


Conference Championships:


  • Bills vs. Chiefs: Chiefs win 37-31 AFC

The Conference Finals should be interesting in the AFC with the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Buffalo Bills. This is going to be a very good game and it could go either way. They are both offensive powerhouses and both have decent defenses. What it’s going to come down to is coaching and experience and the Chiefs have both in spades. In what’s going to be a high scoring and entertaining game, the Chiefs will prevail. 


  • Saints vs. Packers: Packers win 28-27

While not as high scoring as the AFC Conference Finals game, this matchup will still be entertaining to watch. Both teams have highly productive offenses and lots of playoff experience. The only difference that sets the two apart is that the Saints have a better defense. I honestly think that both teams have an equal chance at winning this game seeing as both teams can score high amounts of points and stay in a contested game. Assuming that this game does happen, the Packers will have home field advantage which I think will be the deciding factor against an evenly contested game. 


Superbowl LV:


  • Chiefs vs. Packers: Chiefs win 35-28

Both of these teams have the qualifications necessary in order to make it to the national championship. Both have stellar offenses, decent defenses, and lots of playoff experience. Additionally each quarterback (Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers) has a Superbowl win, meaning that each one knows what it takes to be the best in the world. This is also going to be a very high scoring game seeing as both teams thrive more on offense than defense. In the end, key defensive stops or plays are going to call the game, much like Super Bowl LII between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots where key interceptions and strip sack ultimately determined the winner. The Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams duo is certainly impressive; however, when comparing it to the connection between Mahomes, star receiver Tyreek Hill, and star tight end Travis Kelce, the Chiefs come out on top. It will be a close game that may even come down to the last play, but the Chiefs will be back to back world champions. 


Adrien’s Predictions: 

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Divisional Round:


  • Ravens vs. Bills: Ravens win 30-27

A red-hot Lamar Jackson got his revenge on not only the Titans but also the rest of the NFL’s fanbase last week in a stellar win that proved doubters wrong. However, the Ravens defense will have to put up a fight if they want to stop the duo of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs in Buffalo. The Bills are coming off of a rocky win against the Colts who outplayed them in almost every area of the game- except for points. Now that they have to face a team with a better quarterback and secondary, it’s unlikely that the Bills will pull off a win, even with their fans in the stadium. Expect Baltimore to control the pace of the game and win the time of possession battle by a large margin, with kicker Justin Tucker sending them to the AFC Championship. 


  • Browns vs. Chiefs: Chiefs win 41-28

Next up is the Browns against the Chiefs. The Cleveland Browns put up a show in a game eerily similar to the College Football Championship– the Browns had 35 points at halftime. However, an underperforming Steelers team is not the same as the defending Super Bowl champions, who were 14-1 this season in competitive games. Patrick Mahomes, the current and future face of the NFL, has never lost by more than one possession, which means that either Cleveland has to make history or win a close game against the rock-solid Chiefs team. Baker Mayfield and company show potential for the years to come, but the loss of Odell Beckham Jr. earlier this season will prove important, with Mayfield throwing two interceptions.


  • Rams vs. Packers: Packers win 24-19

The Rams will travel to Green Bay after their shutout of Russell Wilson in Seattle. Despite questions surrounding their quarterback situation, rookie running back Cam Akers was able to carry the Rams offense to 23 points, with a pick six by Darious Williams being the difference maker. Despite the dominance of Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on the defensive side, the Packers, led by likely MVP Aaron Rodgers, make little mistakes on offense. If Ramsey shadows wideout Davante Adams, expect a monster game from deep threat Marquez Valdes-Scantling. If not, however, Adams is slated for a solid performance, with the Packers offense proving too good even for the best defense in the league in terms of yards. 


  • Buccaneers vs. Saints: Saints win 31-17

Finally, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will travel to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and company. The last these two teams faced off, Tom Brady threw three interceptions and the Bucs were held to a total of eight rushing yards. This absolute annihilation is not the overarching headline, however; the matchup is likely to be the last of Drew Brees or Tom Brady’s career, with both generational quarterbacks on the wrong side of 40. Because both players are washed, the game will be decided based on rushing, with Alvin Kamara easily having the upper hand on Ronald Jones. Expect the Saints to beat the Bucs for the third time since September.


Conference Championships:


  • Ravens vs. Chiefs: Ravens win 34-31

With the Rams gone, the Ravens are easily the best defensive team remaining. However, their shutdown cornerbacks Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters will face the challenge of the most dangerous trio in football: Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek HIll and Travis Kelce. Hill and Kelce were both in the top 8 for receiving yards and the top 5 for touchdowns this year, proving that Mahomes can spread the ball and is almost impossible to stop, even by an elite defense. However, if Jackson can keep up with Mahomes by limiting his turnovers and winning the field position battle, the Ravens will earn their well-deserved spot in the Super Bowl.


  • Packers vs. Saints: Packers win 35-16

The NFC Championship will hold the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints, or Rodgers vs. Brees. Both players are aging, and this is probably the last season in the championship round for Brees. Despite coming off a couple of “off-years” (seasons that he famously said would have been career years for other quarterbacks), Rodgers has almost secured his MVP bid after throwing for 48 touchdowns and only five interceptions. Even if the Saints give everything they have, early mistakes from Brees will lead Sean Payton to take a gamble and replace him with Taysom Hill. The wildcat specialist will be unable to put up enough points to match Rodgers, sending the Packers into the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl LV:


  • Ravens vs. Packers: Packers win 24-23

Super Bowl LV will host the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers, two teams who have been at the top since 2019 and have maintained their spectacular form. In this game, sophomore wide receiver Marquise Brown will start off the game with a deep touchdown right off the bat. Davante Adms will be shadowed by Marlon Humphrey while Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander will make an adjustment onto Marquise Brown. Since Super Bowls are usually more defensive, neither team will play aggressive until the 4th quarter, when the Ravens will score what seems to be a game winning field goal. Unfortunately for Baltimore, the Packers will get their own game winning drive, and Aaron Rodgers will continue his dominant season by winning Super Bowl MVP.