DHS Color Guard and Cheerleading Call in Youth to Promote Programs

Younger student learns streamer routine with color guard member.

Younger student learns streamer routine with color guard member.

Elle Girard, Writer

The Decatur High School (DHS) color guard and cheerleading programs are fundraising by providing opportunities for younger City Schools of Decatur (CSD) students. Young students can pay to participate in instructional mini-camps and the money made directly funds the programs. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 7, the DHS color guard held a practice with kindergarteners through eighth graders in preparation for their Youth Night that took place at Friday’s football game.

“The goal of color guard Youth Night is to give younger CSD students an opportunity to learn more about the color guard activity and get a real game day experience,” color guard director, Lisa Stevenson said, “Most people are familiar with cheerleading and football from a young age, but don’t have much exposure to color guard until they get to high school unless they had a parent or sibling who was involved in the activity,” she said.

Over the past few years, Youth Night has consisted of learning peppy dance routines in the stands and has exclusively been offered to Beacon Hill Middle School (BHMS) students. The addition of learning a field routine, which allows younger students to participate, as well as adding the fundraising aspect has been increasing the attention the color guard receives. 

“[Youth Night] helps spread awareness of our activity throughout the community and gives more kiddos a chance to see what color guard is all about,” Stevenson expressed.

On Friday, Sept. 9, the group joined the DHS band along with select BHMS band members on the field for a pregame performance. Similarly, from Sept. 12-14, the DHS cheerleading program will host a minicamp for CSD students ages four to twelve to perform at the homecoming parade and football game on Sept. 30. Instruction will include jumps, cheers, and basic stunts.

“I’m so excited about our K-8th grade friends getting to experience a high school game day and I’m also excited for our high school band members to get to show off the hard work they’ve put in preparing our halftime production this year,” Stevenson said.