The disappointing finish for JV basketball


Players Chris Brackett, Chalin Hippe, Jake Miller, Khari Davis, and Gideon Davinsky prepare to finish the game after a timeout

Julia Verre

After a record breaking season in 2015 (14-1), the 2016 JV boys basketball team finished their season with only two victories.

What was the leading cause behind this downhill season? Each starting player Jarrett Ford, Mickey Johnson, Keenan Howard, A’santi Blackshear, and Chalin Hippe moved up to varsity this season leaving the JV team to reconfigure.

The younger talent on the JV team did not adjust well to stepping up and taking the leadership positions which could have been some of the difficulty the team faced.

Player from both seasons Jake Broom admitted to noticing a change in the team dynamic.

JV players support the boys on the court during the last home game of the season

“JV was better last year because we had more talent on our team, we worked better as a team because of the chemistry, the practices were also much tougher,” Broom said.

However, the team also received a new coach, Michael Bashlor, giving them the opportunity to develop a new team bond which they failed to accomplish.



“I feel like we didn’t have a winning mentality like we did last year,” Davinsky said. “Things were more relaxed in and off the court. The lack of focus led to the eventually break down of the team.”

Depending on how you categorize a “winning season” Davinsky feels overall, the team did not succeed.

“The relaxed atmosphere made practice more fun, but in the end, translated to a losing season.” Davinsky said.

The JV program will continue you to evolve and hopefully with new talent coming in for the 2016/2017 season, the team will be able to adapt and come out with a winning season.


Photos courtesy of Sarah Grace Stafford