NFL Bold Predictions 2

Welcome to the second edition of NFL Bold Predictions. Last year, we established the ground rules about what it meant to be bold and as it turned out, only one of our six predictions ended up being correct. This year, we’re making the predictions a little bit more likely to happen. Despite a tough opening schedule, defending champions Kansas City Chiefs have found a way to go 4-0, led by Patrick Mahomes and his record-setting ten year deal. The Seahawks, Bills and Packers have brushed off their opponents with stellar offense, and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans round up the unbeaten teams courtesy of the coronavirus postponing their meeting. Meanwhile, Trevor Lawrence is likely to go to New York, since the Giants and Jets have lost all their games by a significant margin. Unfortunately, injuries to Saquon Barkley, Courtland Sutton, and pretty much the whole 49ers team have taken the season to a rough start. However, if any league can bounce back, it’s the NFL, so here are some of our bold predictions for the remainder of the regular season.


Luke’s Bold Predictions:


  • The Chargers will make it to the playoffs with Justin Herbert.

Although Justin Herbert has only started in three games, he has proved himself to be a viable rookie quarterback for the Chargers, and promising franchise QB for the future. Additionally he has outplayed the injured starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, increasing his chances to be locked in as the starter. Furthermore, in only his first start, Herbert gave the Kansas City Chiefs a run for their money and lost only to a deep overtime field goal. Considering the Chargers divisional competition, it’s unlikely that they beat out the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West. However, with a fairly weak schedule and a better quarterback in Justin Herbert, the LA Chargers cannot be fairly ruled out of playoff contention.


  • Kyler Murray will be the league leader in total touchdowns

Second only to Lamar Jackson when it comes down to versatile quarterbacks, Kyler Murray can do more than just run. Overall, Murray throws the ball better downfield that Jackson and can outrun Patrick Mahomes any time. Additionally, with help from Christian Kirk, Deandre Hopkins, and Kenyan Drake, the Cardinals are almost unstoppable on the ground and through the air. Due to these reasons Kyler Murray will be the leader for total touchdowns.


  • The Saints will win the NFC South over the Bucs

The NFC South is a weird division to be in. The hyped up Tampa Bay Buccaneers have somewhat lived up to expectations, however with injuries from Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, their receiving game hasn’t been on par. To contrast this, despite a slow start from Drew Brees, as well as with the absence of Michael Thomas, the Saints have been able to beat the Bucs in a week one matchup and put up a fight to a strong Packers team. Down the road, the Saints have an easy schedule with the only notable games being the Kansas City Chiefs and possibly Atlanta Falcons. The Saints will be able to pull it together by the end of the season and beat out Tom Brady’s Bucs.



Adrien’s Bold Predictions:


  • Russell Wilson will win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award

Russell Wilson has never received a single MVP vote. This year, he will cement himself as a future hall of famer. Wilson now has two great receivers-Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf-who he has amazing chemistry with. Already, the duo has caught a combined seven of Wilson’s 16 passing touchdowns (it would be eight if Metcalf hadn’t fumbled on a deep reception). The Seahawks defense stayed at about the same level even with the release of defensive end JaDaveon Clowney because they signed safety Jamal Adams. However, since the Legion of Boom in 2015, the Seahawks have slowly improved on offense and deteriorated on defense, which means Wilson will still find himself in close game scenarios.


  • Josh Jacobs will be the league’s rushing leader

Josh Jacobs is due for a breakout season after just missing out on the Rookie of the Year Award last season. The Raiders’ move to Las Vegas has had unprecedented success, as they have already beaten the Saints and put up a fight against the Patriots. Meanwhile, they are one of the only remaining run-first teams in the pass-heavy league, and Jacobs will probably rack up at least 20 carries per game. Already, injuries to Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley have given Jacobs and other contenders a head start, which means that the second-year back will mainly have to compete with power back Derrick Henry and speedy runner Nick Chubb (who splits time with Kareem Hunt, and has gotten injured). If everything goes well for the Raiders, Josh Jacobs will end the season with the rushing title. 


  • The Buffalo Bills will be the #1 seed in the AFC

For so long the New England Patriots have benefited off of “freebies” (games against the Dolphins and the Jets). With four almost guaranteed wins in a season, it’s easy to be one of the top seeds in the conference. However, the Bills have suddenly overtaken the Patriots as division favorites due to the all-star performances by breakout quarterback Josh Allen. Known for having one of the strongest arms in the league, Allen used to overthrow his receivers consistently. This season, he has taken a different route: with the addition of wide receiver Stefon Diggs, the Bills’ passing game has become almost unstoppable. Tie this into the fact that Buffalo has a stellar secondary led by shutdown cornerback Tre’davious White and strong safety Micah Hyde, who will force many turnovers this season.