Song of the Week: “Family Business”

Kanye West’s, “Family Business,” reflects on the joyful Thanksgiving environment in place when a family gathers together for the holidays. Its vibrant mood emphasizes the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday and the atmosphere it offers. For example, West said, “This is a family business and this is for everybody standin’ with us, Come on, let’s take a family Grammy picture.” The lyrics demonstrates how Kanye is gathering his whole family together and exclude all non-related family matters. 

Furthermore, West’s soothing old school style rap, cheerful beat, and his addition of R&B enhances the holiday environment and can place a smile on anyone’s face.  Kanye West is a Grammy-Award winning rapper and a prominent fashion designer. He runs his own record label known as “GOOD music” and his popular songs include “Follow God”, “Stronger”, and many more. West’s commitment as a husband of father of 4 children, he is extremely credible to write a song about the importance of a family gathering on Thanksgiving. 

This song can easily be viewed as a beneficial and emotional song because of its joyful spirit and it can persuade anyone to be appreciative of the people around them. It’s also a song to jam out with friends or family in moments of happiness. Its versatility allows the song to be played during a variety of emotional stages. “I woke up early this morning with a new state of mind. A creative way to rhyme without using knives and guns, Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to God.” This particular line talks about how Kanye felt mentally innovated to change his state of mind and preach his loyalty to god.

Though Kanye is known to have some controversial moments, such as interrupting Taylor Swift on stage, tweeting that Bill Cosby is innocent, and more, it is important to acknowledge him for his desired love for his family and the people around him. Family Business is truly the perfect song for the Thanksgiving holidays due to its joyful family environment and old school tone.