Changing the game of rap


If you asked people back in the ’90s how they felt about rap, they’d probably say it was uplifiting.

In just a couple of decades, rap has evolved into something that has become less uplifting and more violent. These new songs have dumbed down lyrics that send negative messages to the adolescent audience.

Messages in rap tend to be misogynistic by degrading women and objectifying them. In a 2007 study that was led by psychologist Prushank, men found that exploitation in women and other men to be not only expected, but demanded.

Prushank found through a survey to determine what men think of women and what they expect from them to get information about what men think about women and what they expect from them.

Which basically means that men in general see women as mere sexual objects.

But, not all rappers exploit women and promote violence. Rappers like Mos Def, Common, and Lupe Fiasco push to spread love and peace and were all taught to respect women growing up.

But rappers like Eminem, Childish Gambino, and other rappers tend to degrade women in their songs.

So, how do audiences that listen to modern day rap change the lyrics to more positive lyrics?

Well, sadly you can’t because rap just isn’t a genre, it’s a culture that is taking a new route that cannot be changed.

It’s a dying art that needs to be revived, but the only way it can be revived is introducing “good” rappers to the mainstream rap world.