John Oliver – The next Jon Stewart

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Although many fans of Jon Stewart continue to lament the loss of one of the top televised comedians, they might not need to look too far to regain their dose of regular hilarity.

Possessed with a sassy British attitude and wittiness and having worked previous on The Daily Show for eight years, John Oliver on HBO show Last Week Tonight promises the same quality of comedy as Stewart’s.

His show, Last Week Tonight, appears to be a weekly version of The Daily Show, filled with news segments from the previous week for Oliver to criticize and satirize.

The show’s news segments often are serious topics that most comedians would not think of at first to use, such as student debt from colleges, net neutrality and the recent attention to police brutality.

Oliver easily makes scathing yet witty remarks such as “so there you have it, ladies! If you can just remain single, not accidentally have children and never turn 44, you’re gonna be golden!” when sarcastically talking about American’s gender wage gap problem.



His take on less serious news of the week is also refreshing to watch. Episodes and segments include the criticism of the Miss America Pageant to the construction of a salmon cannon that he used to shoot fish onto celebrities of different shows, such as Jon Stewart, Christian Anderson on Anderson360 and Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy.

Even though Oliver claims to only be a comedian, the serious subjects he makes fun of often have political impacts.

Last year, his and Last Week Tonight’s took on net neutrality’s potential effects on internet users, essentially forcing the less wealthy have slower lanes as a result of having two speeds of the internet according to how much you paid.

This caused the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) website to crash from public commentary. Oliver denies too much action on his part, but the movement managed to help stop the net neutrality bill to pass.

This year, he and the show made headlines again when Last Week Tonight had a government surveillance episode and brought Edward Snowden back to a topic of discussion again.

He even managed to get an interview with Snowden all the way in Russia and hilariously explained the amount of information the government could access, most notably photos of a certain part of men’s anatomy.

His show will be renewed for two more seasons and he will be sure to not disappoint.

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