One Love One Heart Virtual 5k raises money for CdLS Foundation


Kira Czech, Hannah Pomfret, and Maya Pomfret participating in the 5k on Sunday, January 10th.

200 runners participated in the One Love One Heart virtual 5k held Friday, Jan. 8 through Sunday, Jan. 10. The event supported the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation, and over 10,000 dollars were raised for the organization.

Hannah Pomfret and Kira Czech, sophomores at Decatur High School (DHS), were inspired to organize the virtual event to support Hannah’s sister, Maya Pomfret, a 17-year-old DHS student who was born with Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS). Hannah’s parents, Jen and Jim Pomfret, with help from the Czech family, had started the One Love One Heart 5k in Decatur in 2005 and had done it every year up until 2018.

Runners recorded their own time and ran the 5k on their own to allow for a safe run during the pandemic. After running, participants submitted their times on a google form so that Pomfret and Czech could see everyone’s time and who won the event. Gabby Malerba ended up winning the race with the fastest 5k time. Different routes were provided for people to take, but runners could also go out on their route if preferred.

Czech and Pomfret decided to take over this year and made it their sophomore project, a project in which sophomores at DHS work on something they’re passionate about. The two started organizing the virtual event in Oct. of 2020.

Instagram account @oneloveoneheart5k created by Pomfret and Czech to spread the word about the event. 

They started the process by creating a registration website and an Instagram account to advertise signing up to run. Other ways they advertised the virtual 5k was through the DHS newsletter, emailing running stores in the area to put information about it on their websites, and creating an email list of people that had run in the event in previous years reminding them to register.

Pomfret and Czech had Olivia Escobedo design long sleeve t-shirts for participants. Registration packets and t-shirts were available to pick up over the weekend at the Pomfret house in Decatur.

“One of the biggest challenges of organizing the 5k was getting sponsors,” said Kira Czech. Pomfret and Czech called businesses around Decatur and emailed them to see if they were interested.

Overall, Pomfret is happy with how the 5k turned out, regardless of issues with getting sponsors.

“I think that the 5k was very successful and I’m proud of how Kira and I were able to help the CdLS Foundation,” said Pomfret.