Cross Country to host community 5K

On Sep. 25, the Decatur High School cross country team will host a community 5K at their home course in Legacy Park.

The 5K is a fundraising event for the cross country team, which will be used for practice supplies and other costs.


“We use it for our supplies, the things that the kids wear, and we have to buy cones, we have to buy maintenance materials for the course, we have to buy gravel for the course, and then we use money for entering meets,” Mary Souther, the cross country coach, explained.


Souther hopes that primarily community members rather than students will participate, with her goal being between 100 and 150. If the numbers are too high, then the runners will be split into two groups: those who will run in under 25 minutes, and those who will take more time. 


“It’s a two loop course, so it gets too confusing when there’s a lot of people still on their first loop and people are finishing their second loop, so people self-selected their times,” Souther said.


In previous years, cross country hosted a run-a-thon to raise money. However, Souther chose to switch for several reasons.


“It’s hopefully going to be easier to do and less work for the kids, and hopefully raise more money,” she said.


The cross country team captains have been working to maintain the course, according to Souther.


“It’s used by cross country nearly every day throughout the season, and last year track had to practice out there. That’s the only place the cross country team has to host meets,” Souther said.


According to Souther, not many adjustments were needed to make sure the race adhered to community guidelines. There will be very few COVID-19 precautions and “unless it’s lightning”, the race won’t be canceled due to weather.