Water fountains opened back up at Decatur High School

Bradley McCurley

At the beginning of this school year people weren’t allowed to drink water and the water fountains were blocked off. This was due to covid as the school wanted to prevent the spread of covid in every way possible. However, before the Thanksgiving break, the water fountains opened back up for use to everyone. This brings the question “Are water fountains safe to use?” Sergio Perez is the Chief Operating Officer at City Schools of Decatur and he provides some insight on the matter.

“The CDC does not discourage the use of water fountains or water bottle filling stations. However, protocols and signage that promote social distancing, along with regular cleaning” says Perez. The school is in the belief that even if there is a small risk, having safe drinking water for all is more important. COVID-19 has not been detected in any drinking water sources and they are commonly tested twice per year for legionella, lead, and copper.

The CDC says water is very beneficial for students as research indicates that students are more on-task when they are hydrated. This includes staying focused and retaining information. So paired with the fact that there is evidence that it is safe to drink water fountains were deemed safe to open back up in CSD.