Decatur students Spring break plans

Decatur is 340 miles from Cape San Blas

Decatur is 340 miles from Cape San Blas

Khari davis

Spring break is coming up very soon, and Decatur students have planned their destinations for break. Large groups are going down to different cities in Florida to hit the beach with their friends.

A group of fourteen students including seven boys and seven girls coordinated a beach trip to Cape San Blas. The parents have been in communication since February break, working out house arrangements. There will be two houses, one for girls, and one for boys.

Sophomore, Jake Broom is attending the trip, and is hosting all of the boys in his house. Broom is excited for the Cape San Blas trip.

“I’m looking forward to getting away from Decatur and being on the beach with my friends,” Broom said.

Broom is a regular at Cape San Blas and enjoys going frequently.

“We go there every year” Broom said. “It has a good clean beach and I’ve been going there my whole life.

Panama City Beach (PCB)  is 304 miles from Decatur, but distance doesn’t seem to stop Decatur from bringing a lot of students. Sophomore Kennedy Segars has planned to go since last year.

“If I were to estimate I would say a 100 students at the least,” sophomore Kennedy Segars said.

Segars is bringing two girls with her on the five hour long trip. Kennedy’s mom, Quvada Moreland is driving the three girls including her daughter down to Panama City.

“I think I can handle six hours with three girls as long as they have their cell phones and ear pieces,” Moreland said. “ I’m never looking forward to the drive though.

Segars feels the age group PCB attracts is the reason why a lot of teens want to go. The older age groups that go is a contributor for students wanting to go.

“People our age tend to want to do things a little bit ahead of their time. PCB is really for people 18,  but the age group goes down more and more each year.”

Moreland can agree that PCB is not for her daughter’s age group.

1.5 to 2 million people go to PCB for spring break every year.
1.5 to 2 million people go to PCB for spring break every year.

“PCB is known for college students and it doesn’t give the girls a lot to do,” Moreland said. “You can’t get into any clubs.”

Last Spring Break there was an alleged gang rape on PCB that brought people to be charged. This case was broadcasted on news channels across the country. The crime in PCB doesn’t seem to stop students from going. Students still look forward to the party atmosphere of PCB.

“PCB is known for the  wild parties and people get crazy down there,” Segars said.

Panama City Beach and Cape San Blas are about 30 minutes away.  Broom and his friends plan to go down to PCB for a couple days to soak in the experience.

“It’s a lot more popular and there’s more people we know there,” Broom said. “It’s more turnt.”


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