SGA creates a competition to promote “promposals”


At some schools, the question, “Will you go to prom with me?” is sufficient enough to stand on its own.

At Decatur, however, we do it bigger.

“Will you go to prom with me?” is accompanied by an outstanding proposal, coming together to create what we call “Promposals.”

This year, the Student Government Association (SGA) created a way to unite the student body through a promposal competition. The hashtag “dhspromposalcompetition2015” was introduced. Students would post their pictures from their promposals on Instagram and tag them with this hashtag. The winner, to be decided by the SGA, would receive $50 for their creativity.

Decatur students took this competition to the next level. Promposals became more phenomenal than they ever have been.

One of the earliest promposals, by junior Lucas Ryter, set the building blocks for all the others.

"LEGO to Prom?"
“LEGO to Prom?”

Sophomore Lillian Jacobsen found these Legos on her car one afternoon.

“I was excited and it was pretty cute, so I really liked how he asked,” Jacobsen said about Ryter’s promposal.

Another promposal that lit up the competition was from junior Nathan Tumperi to junior Olive McKay.

Nathan & Olive Promposal

When McKay came home to a yard full of lights, she screamed “WHAT?!”, and saw Tumperi standing there with flowers.

While this promposal created a beautiful display for McKay, Tumperi faced some challenges along the way.

“When I got to the middle of M, I ran out of lights, so I had to borrow some from her parents,” he said. “So I guess it spelled ‘PRONL’.” As if that wasn’t enough trouble, McKay’s sister came home halfway through, and he got scared when he thought it was her.

Legos and lights were cute additions to the #dhspromposalcompetition, but some students decided to make their promposals a bit dirtier.

Junior Connor Brooks took it to the mud to ask Junior Casey Randleman.

Connor & Casey Promposal

Brook’s idea derived from Randleman’s desire to go mudding.

“He always teases me about being his city girlfriend, even though we’re from the same place,” she said, “so it was really funny to see his ‘country’ promposal.”

Brooks was greeted with a big smile from Randleman as he stood in front of his truck with her favorite flowers. This promposal, like the last one, came with some troubles, too.

“On my way to her house, I passed her mom and her in the car,” Brooks said, “but, thankfully, ‘Prom?’ was written on the other side of the truck.”

Senior Demetrius Cooley, with the help of some of his lacrosse teammates, kept the ball rolling in the #dhspromposalcompetition2015.

Demetrius & Audrey Promposal

He asked senior Audrey Maloof to prom at one of his lacrosse games that she came to support. Maloof was turned around, talking to friends, when they started telling her to look at the field. When she saw it she was “extremely happy.”

“It took a good bit of time, but it was well worth the wait,” Cooley said.

Junior Tyler Brett drove his way into the competition as well as the heart of sophomore Patton Zamoski.

JT & Patton Promposal

He put the sign he made on top of his Jeep, had his friend drive it under her balcony while he was with her and asked her with a question mark on his undershirt.

Zamoski didn’t see this coming at all, and was overcome with excitement when he asked.

The competition reached its peak with senior Oliver Aaro- Hansen’s promposal to senior Rachel Reed.


“We’ve hiked stone mountain to watch the sunrise before, so it wasn’t weird until he kept walking near the fence and looking around,” Reed said.

The idea behind this promposal came to Aaro- Hansen easily.

“I just made a list of ideas that were random or stupid,” he said. “That one just stood out.”

rachel prom

Aaro- Hansen and Reed were chosen as the winners of #dhspromposalcompetition2015, and will receive $50 for Aaro- Hansen’s creativity.