Decatur Football Coach William Felton Wins Atlanta Falcons Coach of the Week



      After a historic 2020 debut season for head football coach William Felton, Decatur Football has managed to start the new season with a record of three wins, and zero losses.

      After recording a blowout win last week over Greater Atlanta Christian, it has become nearly impossible to ignore the effects of Coach Felton’s leadership. Not only has Felton led the team to new heights on the field-as they recorded a crucial playoff win last year-but off the field and in the greater Atlanta football community as well.

      Every week the Atlanta Falcons partner with the Atlanta Journal Constitution to name the high school coach of the week, and as of yesterday our very own Coach Felton has received this award.

      The AJC recognized not only Coach Felton’s Football IQ and prowess, but his compassion towards his players, and commitment to their wellbeing and lifelong success. He puts this compassion and commitment on display by providing weekly meals and equipment for his players, as well as keeping Decatur High’s doors open on weekends in order for players to have a place to train and bond with coaches and teammates. 

      When approached for comment on his nomination, Felton let on to some of his football philosophy, stating that “A team cannot truly be successful unless everyone sacrifices for the good of the team.” Coach Felton’s anonymous nominee for the award stated, “He cares more about the individual off the field, and makes sure his student athletes are as prepared for the real world as possible.” 

      Over the course of a year and a half, Coach Felton has transformed Decatur’s football program into a factory for not only fantastic athletes, but great young men. Be sure to congratulate Coach Felton on this outstanding achievement, and come out to support him and the team as they take on Arabia Mountain in the Homecoming game.