UPDATE: City Schools of Decatur cancels school indefinitely over COVID-19 fears

Backlash against the districts reopening plans culminated in a letter to the board.

Backlash against the district’s reopening plans culminated in a letter to the board.

UPDATE: On March 26, Gov. Brian Kemp extended the closure of all public schools in Georgia to April 24.

City Schools of Decatur announced that schools will be closed indefinitely beginning Friday, March 13. This decision came as a result of consultation with Gov. Brian Kemp and other school districts in the Metro Atlanta area. There is no definitive timeline for a return to school. This cancellation includes all extracurricular events.

Instructors will be provided with additional information. Instructors will be encouraged to create content to provide students with enrichment and review materials during the first three days of the school cancellation. Students should check their school emails for further information.

No person affiliated with the City Schools of Decatur has tested positive for COVID-19 as of yet. The district encourages students and their families to continue following hygienic recommendations such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds, avoiding contact with the face, and avoiding large social settings to avoid getting sick.

The announcement came just hours after the district sent out emails describing new procedures to keep students safe at school. For further information and updates, visit the City Schools of Decatur website .