Contestants to take the stage in Decatur’s Got Talent Auditions


Photos taken by Keson Graham

Decatur’s Got Talent saw a wide variety of acts in last years show, from dancing to juggling to spoken word poetry.

Update: Auditions have been moved until after Decatur High School’s Christmas break. The story will be updated with more information closer to time.

Tryouts for Decatur’s Got Talent will be held Wednesday after school in the Chorus room in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Auditions will begin right after school, and contestants should come prepared with all necessary accompaniment and any props they might need. A signup sheet will be available at the door where contestants will write their name, grade, and what they will be performing. All contestants will be notified of results by email after “one or two days,” says Sophomore Theodore Brock, the student responsible for the organization of the event.

Contestants will audition in front of a five-judge panel headed by Brock. Drama teacher Kate McNeil, sophomore Halladay Laney and seniors Mary Shewan and Hannah Fisher will fill the rest of the seats.

Laney, who has never judged auditions for Decatur’s Got Talent before, is enthusiastic to see the acts and anticipates a tough decision when it comes time to judge the contestants.

“I’m very excited to see all the talent Decatur High School has to offer,” Laney said.

And while the number of accepted contestants is up to the judges, Brock estimates that the group will be relatively large.

“It depends on the quality of auditions and the number of people trying out,” Brock said, “but maybe 10-15 people.”

Despite the cap, Brock hopes to see a lot of students at auditions.

“Just come and audition,” Brock said.

The winner of the show will win $150, a prize Brock hopes will increase student engagement.

“I really want people to come out and support it,” Brock said, “I think it could be a really cool event for Decatur High School.”

Decatur’s Got Talent will be held free of charge on January 17 in the PAC.