DHS Implements New Spirit Points System


DHS homecoming parade

Instead of the usual cheers, Decatur’s four classes performed in the “In My Feelings” challenge at this year’s second pep rally. The seniors, who won, received Spirit Points, a new system implemented by SGA to increase school spirit. During Homecoming week, classes received points by winning the “Spirit Stick,” and making the best homecoming float.

“I think [Spirit Points] are very important because the students of DHS are really diverse and so it’s common for different groups of the school to form,” Sophia Norton said “But, if we can bring everyone together in supporting sports teams, holidays, and other events, we create another thing that we all have in common.”

Senior Jordan Kupersmith proposed a Spirit Points task force to SGA earlier this year and said she has been working diligently to keep it in action.

Jordan Kupersmith waves on the 2019 Class Presidents float

“I actually saw a similar program in Cross Keys High School. When I took my ACT there, I saw that they had a chart labeled Class Spirit Points,” Jordan stated, “Although I did not see how they were operating their program, I saw the idea and thought it would be great to implement here at DHS.”

The main goal of spirit points is to create a “fun and easy way to demonstrate class and school spirit” After announcing the program Jordan sent out a google form to gauge how excited the students would be on this idea, and the majority of replies were positive.

“It’s just a friendly competition with incentives,” said Kupersmith; whichever class wins the most spirit points receives a King of Pops party at the end of the year. There will be more opportunities to earn Spirit Points throughout the year, as Kupersmith looks to expand spirit points as far as to class participation in community service projects and clean up days.