Waffle around Decatur


Ben Greco

On a chilly January morning, the Decatur Waffle house opened its doors to the public.

The new establishment always has a steady turnout. Decatur Waffle House regular and freshmen, Chris Choi, knows the bustle of plates and All-Star specials well.

“It’s simply the place to be after school,” he said. “It’s a second home to many.”

Choi believes it’s the location, not the food, that makes this Waffle House great.

“If [the Decatur Waffle House] was even a block further from Decatur High, their business would suffer tremendously,” he said. “It’s the proximity to the square and Decatur High that makes this the best.”

The quaint, 4,600 square foot restaurant stays busy with all kinds of people making their way through. Nick Katinsky, JV soccer player, often stops by before his 4 o’clock practice.

“Sometimes I don’t even order anything,” he said. “If I eat before I practice, I’ll cramp. I’ll just go to catch up with friends and blow some time.”

However, the love and admiration of the new Waffle House is not shared by all.

Every time sophomore Lukas Aaro-hansen steps into the new Waffle House, something feels wrong.

“You have to wonder if the Decatur Waffle House hurts the Avondale Waffle House’s business,” he said. “Every time I order something, I feel like I should be at the Avondale Waffle House.”

But for Aaro-Hansen, there is only one true waffle house.

“It just feels right,” he said. “The service is great, and it makes the food that much better.”

However, Aaro-hansen said this isn’t the only reason he prefers the Avondale. He believes the personality of the cooks and servers make him keep coming back.

He formed a bond with the staff, especially one waitress in particular named Latanya.

“A couple of my friends and I all sat down at our table,” he said. “Our waitress came on time and brought our food and was telling us about all the crazy people she had met today.”

After her shift, she sat down with them and they talked for hours.

“She always puts whipped cream on our waffles too,” he said. “I’ve been coming back ever since.”



Photo By Ben Greco