Decatur students win at the Regional Career Competition


Photo Courtesy of Joe Lee

On Feb. 26, Decatur students won two gold, two silver, and a bronze medal at The Jobs for Georgia Career Association Regional Competition. The competition focuses on testing skills gained from the association and seeing how well competitors demonstrated those skills. 

The Jobs for Georgia Career Association is an association focused on “teaching job skills that you can implement when you go for training, and about how to develop your personality to work well with other people,” according to Decatur student and gold medal winner, Amaya Bennett. Bennett believes that the association has helped her to “develop leadership skills, and how to interview and dress correctly.”

During the competition, competitors were asked to demonstrate skills that they picked up through a set of interviews and also by giving a presentation to the judges. In addition, the students competed against another group from a different school in each task. 

“The tension made us nervous at first, but once everyone started to come down we were like, okay, we got this.” Bennett said of the event. 

Following the regional competition is a car wash and an end of the year ceremony. “Usually we have a state competition for people who won the regional competition.” according to bronze medalist Tyler Tate. However, the state competition will not occur this year. 

Decatur students Alec Myric, Deonte Clark, and Dajah Carr also won medals. Myric won a gold while Clark and Carr won silver medals at the competition.