'Decatur needs a new legacy'

‘Decatur needs a new legacy’

August 24, 2017

The stadium erupts. Students jump, scream and chant. The Bulldogs reset on the 5 yard line with a touchdown in sight. The crowd grows silent as the ball is hiked, anticipation growing with every second. Then, frustration pours from the spectators and players. Fumble. McIntosh High School revs up for another offensive drive. When the fourth quarter ended with the final buzzer, Decatur was far from satisfied. From the dim lights of the score board, Decatur's defeat was illuminated. 28-3. The Bulldogs trudged off the field.

Song of the week: 2 A.M. Interlude

Song of the week: 2 A.M. Interlude

January 6, 2017

When it comes to HiFye, what’s there not to love? Their unique collaborations, tight knit chemistry,...

Sam Ellis commits to academic powerhouse

Sam Ellis commits to academic powerhouse

December 13, 2016

Five time state champion, Sam Ellis, always wanted to live his dream of being a Division I athlete. Throughout high school, Ellis accumulated 15 Division I offers.

Her time to shine

Her time to shine

November 15, 2016

It runs in the family. It’s her turn to follow in her parents footsteps. As just a freshman, Kenya Oliver stepped up to become the starting point guard and captain for the girls basketball team. One year later, as the season rolls around, it’s time for her to step up again and become a more confident leader.

Grab the tissues, you'll need them

Grab the tissues, you’ll need them

October 27, 2016

America's favorite medical drama delivers again

A world away, not worlds apart

A world away, not worlds apart

October 18, 2016

"I'm so lucky to be born not only in America, but into a well-off family in America," junior Ayston Scully said. "How humbling is that?"

Sights set on Charleston

Sights set on Charleston

September 1, 2016

After a weekend visit in early August, followed by an invite to training camp, the coaches at Charleston offered Conway a scholarship to attend the school.

Members of the knitting club met at Elizabeth Swank's house to relax and knit.

Get your KNIT together

December 14, 2015

A somewhat unusual hobby is poking it’s way back into the halls of Decatur: knitting. Creator of the at-home kn...

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