“The Post” shines in theaters

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“The Post” slipped by mainstream audiences and hit the theaters with a mediocre opening at the box office, despite the praise sung by critics. Although the movie is definitely an underdog this year, it’s also a strong candidate for Best Picture.

The movie follows the perfect formula for Best Picture winner. It’s a true story, like 2015’s “Spotlight.” It has a long list of famous actors, like 2013’s “Argo”. It has a decorated director, the same one as 1994’s “Schindler’s List”. In fact, this movie was practically handed a nomination the moment it was announced.

Before the Watergate scandal, there was another reveal that hit the Nixon administration hard. The Washington Post leaked thousands of papers describing the secrets the government had kept hidden from the public about the Vietnam War. Before The Washington Post published it, they had to face moral and legal debates, which is the main focus of the movie.

The plot was easy to follow and appeared relatively close to what actually happened. There were impeccable moments of humor, that managed to make the audience chuckle without taking away from the gravity of the situation.

The star of the show though were the actors. Every performer took on their role with a grace and accuracy, which added to the suspension of disbelief. Tom Hanks was incredible as the defiant Ben Bradlee and the surprising Jessie Mueller was hilarious as one of the female reporters.

The stand-out was Meryl Streep, the actress of all trades. It seems that no matter how different the role is, she can act it practically perfect. She had the ferocity of someone who loves their work, but the shakiness of a female who still struggles with her new-found power. She was a wonderful concoction of thousands of emotions and gave her character the depth and power she deserves.

Overall, the acting and plot were tied together through incredible choices made by the director, producers, filmers and the costume designers. Even if the movie sounds incredibly dull, it’s not.


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