Review: The Program

Morgan Johnson

imagesImagine if everything and everyone that was important to you was erased from your memory and there was no way to get those memories back.This was the strategy to stop a teen suicide epidemic in the novel The Program by Suzanne Young.  This is definitely a book worth adding to your summer vacation reading list.

In the novel, teenagers are watched at school and at home, and if they show any signs of depression that could lead to suicide, they are taken to the Program. At the program, the kids are forced medication that will change their lives forever.

The Program’s main character, Sloane, spends a lot her life avoiding the program because she believes that losing every important memory will lead to more depression. Some of her friends are dealing with the same battle, while some do not make it out alive.

It can be very easy to find yourself completely invested in this book before your know it. The Program is fast paced and full of plot twists and hidden story lines that there is almost never a good stopping place. The ending leaves readers wanting more, but don’t worry there is a sequel.
If you are searching for something different to read this summer, check out The Program. While it has plenty of classic teen novel romance and comedic relief, the suspense and unbelievable concept of the Program makes this a thought provoking book. You will not be able to help but wonder “what if this happened to me?”