Seeing the Trump inauguration CloseUp

Decatur CloseUp club to attend historic inauguration

This year, students in Decatur’s CloseUp club won’t just be taking the ordinary annual trip to Washington DC, they will be attending the inauguration of Donald Trump. With controversy flying through mainstream media and the election’s surprising results, conflict at the inauguration may seem imminent, but Decatur CloseUp sponsor Christopher Curtis thinks the situation should be under control.

“I personally think that it’s probably going to be one of the safest inaugurations yet,” Curtis said. “There’s going to be tons and tons and tons of security.”

The presidential inauguration takes place in front of the U.S. capital in Washington D.C. every four years on January 20. The CloseUp students will be waking up early the morning of the inauguration so they can get through security and get a good spot. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Freshman Haley Rose is excited to go on the trip but she is a little concerned about the inauguration.

Our new President has said some very interesting things in the past,” Rose said. “Who knows what he’ll say now, and how the crowd will react.”

To secure the safety of the 55 kids going on the trip, there will be more supervision than Curtis has ever had to use before. According to Curtis, the group will also witness the inauguration from a section where everyone is required to pass through extensive security checks.

As far as where we are going to be, I strongly believe that we are going to be in a very safe area,” Curtis said.

Aside from attending the Trump inauguration, the Decatur students going to D.C. will be spending the week learning about the inauguration and, when the week is almost over, the students will have a special treat.

“The club hosts an inaugural ball for the kids near the end of the week, which is always fun,” Curtis said.

Every year Decatur’s CloseUp club visits Ga. representatives. Above is a picture of David Perdue (left), Christopher Curtis (right) and thirty-five club members (middle) in the Senate building. Photo courtesy of Cate Eppley

Sophomore Cate Eppley went on the CloseUp trip last year and is jealous of what this year’s students get to do.

“I realize the presidential race was crazy, but to get to see history made, that has got to be awesome,” Eppley said. “And they also get to go to a ball! I wish we could have done that last year.”

The inauguration is sure to make this year’s CloseUp trip a unique one.

“I’m excited,” Curtis said. “I’m excited because I have never been to an inauguration before.”