Close-Up club rakes leaves in annual project

On Nov. 14th, Decatur Close-Up club members took part in their annual Rake and Run fundraiser.

During the Rake and Run, club members drive around Decatur to clean yards.

According to Close-Up leader and Decatur history teacher Chris Curtis, this year’s Rake and Run is among the largest ever organized by the club.CLOSE UP

“We have close to 50 students cleaning over 30 yards in Decatur,” Curtis said. “It’s a really big event.”

There is no charge for raking services during the Rake and Run, but the donations to the club from the event raise enough money for the fundraiser to be successful

The project is a long-held tradition for the Close-up, and has been going on long before Curtis took charge of the club.

The key difference between this year and years’ past is attendance. Participation in the event was made mandatory for any club member going on their upcoming trip to Washington D.C.

The trip is another Close-up tradition, and for many, their main reason for joining the club.

“I know some people joined for the community service,” former Close-up member Gabe Brittman said. “But I think a lot people joined just to go on the trip.”

CLOSE UP2For Curtis, club membership is about a lot more than just showing up to meetings

“I don’t want students just paying to go on the trip; I want them to really be a part of the club,” he said. “The rake and run is a way to get students engaged with close-up.”