Decatur Restaurants Adapt to New Business Procedures


On May 1st Governor Brain Kemp lifted Georgia’s stay at home order. With that he urged businesses to reopen once again. During the stay at home order many Decatur restaurants announced that they would no longer be allowing customers into restaurants, and now some restaurants are offering takeout options.  However due to the stay at home order being lifted, this could cause some changes in how restaurants are operating.

The City of Decatur released documents describing a variety of safety  procedures instituted in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  In the “Business Categories for the Stay At Home Order” document it stated that businesses can continue to mail and deliver goods and products to customers. This has caused most businesses to start offering pick up orders during the stay at home order.

The Decatur Chick-Fil-A stopped allowing customers inside.  Instead, they opened a tent that allows customers to order from outside. They continue to offer drive-thru and pick-up orders as well. They are continuing this even though the stay at home order was lifted.

Universal Joint, located in Oakhurst, stated that they are complying to CDC regulations and government protocols. They have 6 staff who are wearing gloves and masks to ensure safety of employees. Angela Georges from Universal Joint explained that they are  offering pick-up orders for their customers.

Universal Joint, located in Oakhurst.

“We currently have two stations for pick-up to encourage our customers to distance themselves while placing orders or waiting for orders, and we’ve drawn circles on the sidewalk 6ft apart  as well,” Georges said, who added that their system of delivery is strictly no contact.

Many restaurants are also using apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. These apps pick up foods from restaurants and deliver them to customer’s doorsteps. Universal Joint is one of many Decatur restaurants using these apps.

During this time, Georges explained Universal Joint’s main goals for the business.

“Like all otherlocal businesses, our goalis to earn enough profit to pay our employees and to stay open during this time. [Our] additional goals are to make sure our community knows we’re here for them and to think up creative ways to support our community,” Georges said.

Georges stated that they are also “working with the community to donate lunches to frontline healthcare workers”. She explained that the restaurant is trying to help the community in a “responsible and safe manner.”