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Dual Enrollment at DHS: What to Expect

Dual Enrollment at DHS: What to Expect

With the 2024-2025 school year approaching, students should consider branching out and experiencing the realities of being a college student through the Decatur High School (DHS) Dual Enrollment (DE) program.

The DE program allows high school juniors and seniors to engage in college-level coursework while working towards their high school diplomas. DHS currently has 75 dual-enrolled students studying at schools ranging from technical colleges to University System of Georgia Schools.

In contrast to more strict diploma pathways like International Baccalaureate, DE allows students the flexibility and freedom to personalize their education.

In terms of available areas of study, the possibilities are endless. DE students can choose from a variety of courses offered by the university at which they intend to enroll. According to the DHS Website, current DE students have explored courses like cybersecurity, cosmetology, and even oceanography. 

These classes, although more streamlined compared to on-level high school classes, consist of considerably more rigorous workloads. 

“The coursework is more difficult but more focused with less busy work,” explains Rachel Dressler, one of DHS’s dual-enrolled seniors.

Classwork should not be underestimated, as DE students are responsible for completing both their DHS and post-secondary work throughout the school year in order to obtain credits.

Dressler further explains the appeal of the program, as you get “to see what actual college classes would be like.”

Although the program also is offered virtually, it encourages students to attend in person, to immerse in the atmosphere of their college campus. 

The dual enrollment program strives to make this college experience accessible to all by covering the normal, lingering costs that would confront regular college students. 

For example,  DHS covers problems like transportation to downtown universities like Georgia State, and additional resources like textbooks, mandatory college fees, and tuition are financed by the Georgia DE program.

The criterion for becoming a dual enrollment student, however, is dependent on a student’s standing within DHS. Factors like grades, behavioral records, and attendance play a role in determining if a student can manage the commitment of the program. 

Dressler advises future DE applicants to understand the responsibility that accompanies being a DE student.  

“Students who would like to do dual enrollment should know that you have to be on top of your coursework because teachers won’t keep you as accountable as in high school.”

If the DHS DE board approves of a student’s initial submission, they will continue to support the candidate with the rest of the application process.

But most importantly, dual enrollment seeks motivated, spirited students keen on steering the direction of their own education.

Applicants who are eager to explore their passions that could potentially turn into careers are whom dual enrollment was ultimately created for. 

For more information on becoming part of the DE program visit the DHS Dual Enrollment Page.

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