Season 5 of Bob’s Burgers, new to Netflix


Season five of “Bob’s Burgers” is new to Netflix, and senior Maia Schneberger vouches for it living up to the other seasons.

“I really like the episodes where they go into the stuff that the kids are doing. There’s the episode with the Thundergirls, and you find out more about what kind of stuff they’re into outside of the restaurant.”

For Schneberger, it was all too easy to blow through the new season, finishing in a couple of nights.

“You know, I just sat down and watched four or five episodes at a time,” she said.

On Rotten Tomatoes, season five’s average rating is 8.5/10 tomatoes, and a 4.3/5 audience rating.

Rotten Tomatoes lists off some highlights under the ratings: “Gene enters a musical based on ‘Die Hard’ as the school’s fall play, but he gets shot down. Also, Tina becomes romantically involved with a spirit who resides in the Belchers’ basement . . . At a family Christmas party, Bob and his father, “Big Bob,” revisit an old argument, which leads to a can-you-top-this competition in the kitchen.”

While Schneberger’s a gung ho BB’s fan now, she didn’t start watching until after season three was released. At first Schneberger thought it looked weird, but the show caught her eye with Tina Belcher’s, one of the main characters, Internet presence.

“Tina’s like a meme now – there’s that Twitter called @tinatbh, and I thought, ‘oh that sounds kinda funny,’” she said. “It took me a second to get into it because the first couple of episodes were really annoying, but once I got into it, I was like ‘this is hilarious.’”

Schneberger recognizes that there are negative connotations about adult cartoons because of “offensive or uncomfortable sense of humor.” However, she recommends the show to everyone.

“Bob’s Burgers is funny because it revolves around this family and everything’s funny because their life is funny, but it’s not crude humor,” she said. “That’s why I like it, and that’s why I’d recommend it to pretty much anyone.”


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons