Demand boosted for Kanye’s Yeezy Boost


Brandon Byars

Yeezy Boost 350 were the first released shoe of the 350’s collection. The shoe pictured is the “Turtle Dove” by Kanye West

Khari Davis

Kanye West’s Yeezy boost 350’s were the most sought after shoe among the younger generation making it named the best shoe of 2015 by Footwear News.

Adidas released four Yeezy Boosts during 2015, the Turtle Doves, Pirate Blacks, Moon Rocks and Oxford Tans.

Quickly following the release of the shoes,, the shoes reached an average resale price of 904 dollars on ebay, according to That’s a 425% markup from its original retail price of 200 dollars.

The shoes  became popular as consumers wanted their own pair. The process for Brandon Byars to get his hands on this rare and expensive shoe was very difficult and frustrating. He had to  enter a raffle just to get a chance to buy the shoe.

“I had to sit in traffic for over an hour each day to go to a different mall just for a chance,” Byars said. “I had my mother and my sister do entries for me as well.”

Because of the shoes popularity, Byars had to do extra work to own a pair of his own.

The following Friday, Byars’ sister got an email saying she won the Turtle Dove Yeezy Boost. The next shoe that came were the Pirate Black Boosts. Byars thought the shoe was ugly but he still went to get a raffle ticket and won another pair of Boosts. He looks at his winnings of the shoe as luck.

The black Yeezys sold out in one hour as people stood in long lines in New York City and Paris just to buy these new releases.

“I guess I’m blessed,” Byars said.

Fans of the Pirate Black boost 350’s will be facing less trouble  buying the shoe because adidas is stocking up on the shoes and doubling the amount they sell.

Even though the shoes resale price is so high,  Byars doesn’t just put them in his closet to collect dust. The prominence and high value doesn’t stop Byars from wearing them all the time.

“Wearing the shoes is my way of sharing them. I’ve worn them everyday through thick and thin and I don’t have the desire to change shoes,” he said.

Senior Sherrod Washington participated in the raffle system too. However, Washington only went to one store for the raffle and had a lesser chance of winning.

“First I had to enter the raffle for the shoes then I waited in line for 30 minutes only to put a name and number on the ticket,” Washington said. “Then the day before the shoes dropped they called me and told me I won.”

Washington won the Oxford Tan Yeezy Boosts.

The majority of people just buy the shoes because they are so popular, but Washington found he actually enjoyed the shoes.

“The shoes are mostly hype but I like the way the they look,” he said.

At the end of the day, whether it’s a Kanye West shoe or not, the Boosts have sold well in stores and generated a tremendous amount of attention from the public.