Maxwell preforming at Rock and Roll Revue. Photo by Keson Graham.

DHS graduate fundraises for gender transition

October 14, 2019

At first, Grayson Maxwell, a 2018 DHS graduate, wanted to raise money for his transition on his own. But during 2018 Pride, Maxwell found himself fundraising with his friends. Offering one dollar kisses, he was pleasantly surprised to find a community happy to help.

Sage Payman is a transgender male at Decatur. He uses faculty restrooms such as this one because he feels uncomfortable using single-sex restrooms.

Sign of the Times

November 2, 2017

Many transgender and genderqueer students don't feel safe using sex-segregated restrooms, so the Gender-Sexuality Alliance proposed an all-gender restroom that would make students' lives easier.

CSD's transgender policy sparks debate

CSD’s transgender policy sparks debate

October 24, 2017

A City Schools of Decatur (CSD) Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10, discussing CSD’s transgender bathroom policy, sparked debate over transparency and child safety, ending with the decision for more discussion.

The Voice: Cover, care equally about trans crimes

The Voice: Cover, care equally about trans crimes

April 23, 2015

I asked her, ‘Why do you want to dress like that?’ and she said, ‘I know this is hard for you...

I call him Mom

I call him Mom

February 4, 2013

Sophomore Austin Gittemeier finds himself in an interesting position when he calls out ‘mom,’ and...

Gender and sex: separate, but not always equal

December 20, 2012

The stories featured on the DEC are typically about a singular event in someone’s life. This video...

GSA members holding the campaign t-shirt design.

GSA spreads acceptance through photos

February 6, 2012

What do celebrities like Jane Lynch, Steve-O and Kim Kardashian have in common with Decatur’s Gay-Straight...

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