The Shins spark but fail to ignite flame in our hearts

March 26, 2017

The Shins return after a five year hiatus, but perhaps they needed a little more time.

Rock v Hatfield

Rock v Hatfield

March 17, 2017

Jackson Rock and Wesley Hatfield occasionally play pickup basketball against each other, but never in a 1v1 game. In mid-February, however, Rock proposed playing a future match-up in front of a much bigger audience: the Decatur High School community.

Moana is here to stay

Moana is here to stay

December 1, 2016

Move aside Anna and Kristoff, there’s a new ragtag team ready to sail their way into everyones' hearts, Move aside “Let It Go,” there is a new female empowerment song taking over the radios. The new Disney movie, “Moana,” hit theaters Nov. 23 with much anticipation.

Reaching new heights

December 5, 2012

Sophomore Rolf Terhokoski is a practiced rock climber who has competed in climbing competitions all over...

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