Decatur Student Center begins ‘wraparound’ services

February 2, 2018

In December 2017, the Decatur Student Center held its first event: a stress and anxiety information session with Riley, a therapy dog. These sessions have continued every Friday since. “From what I’ve heard in students in my classes, [the sessions have] been really appreciated,” junior Scott Johnson said.

A Jewel at Jackson State

A Jewel at Jackson State

May 12, 2017

Senior Sapphire Simpson’s older sister, Diamond, and her mother both played volleyball. So, at the age of seven, Sapphire rolled right into the family tradition. “It’s an advantage to have a coach as your mom because she can push you and then you push yourself,” Simpson said.

Rock v Hatfield

March 17, 2017

Jackson Rock and Wesley Hatfield occasionally play pickup basketball against each other, but never in a 1v1 game. In mid-February, however, Rock proposed playing a future match-up in front of a much bigger audience: the Decatur High School community.

Kicking with Ken

Kicking with Ken

March 1, 2013

He may be known as the guy who pesters students about AP forms, or the guy in charge of guiding students...

Jackson, who is the head counselor, attended UGA in both Athens and Gwinnett to complete his degree.

The Doctors Are In

April 20, 2012

The school counselors can be many things to students. Advisors for social and academic lives, and just...

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