Decatur celebrates Year of the Pig

Decatur celebrates Year of the Pig

February 7, 2019

Decatur students welcome in the Chinese New Year with traditional foods, celebrations and superstitions.

On the fence

On the fence

December 15, 2016

Hear the voices of three culturally diverse students as they call for cultural visibility.

The Transfer Student

Zoey Laird, Carpe Diem Editor

February 6, 2014

Junior Shirley Liu (Chinese name Liu Xingyu, which means meteor rain) moved from China this school year because her mother is a visiting English professor at Georgia State University. She has a passion for languages and a love for the United States. The first thing she noticed was the “wide open sky” that seemed full of po...

Teacher adopts children from China

October 26, 2012

Many students only interact with teachers during class time or additional assistance before or after...

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