An example of a tardy pass resulted from the new attendance polices.

Decatur implements new attendance policies

September 26, 2018

Decatur implemented new school policies on August 20 to combat tardiness, including a warning bell and a limit on tardies. Assistant Principal Wesley Hatfield said that he hopes these new school policies will decrease the amount of students who are late to class or who are skipping. When Hatfield graduated from Decatur in 1999, they had a warning bell, but they stopped it when they switched to a 7-period schedule.

Construction brings fresh new look to century-old school

Construction brings fresh new look to century-old school

May 24, 2017

What students used to know as the library, once filled with shelves of books and rows of computers, is now gutted. The bare concrete walls are exposed and the wooden shelves are nowhere to be seen. The iconic DHS library is now another construction project - a sight that is becoming more commonplace for DHS.

Decatur High’s new cafeteria opened on Monday, Aug. 22, after months of construction on a new addition to the high school.

Key Club assists janitorial staff in cafeteria cleanup

March 22, 2017

As the school’s student population and campus size grows, the DHS janitorial staff is having to cover a much larger space. As a result of these changes, the DHS Key Club was recently asked by the administration to assist the custodians in their maintenance of the cafeteria.

Students returned to school on Monday February 20 to find that they could no longer access the wireless internet at school.

Administration Changes Wifi Policy

March 15, 2012

Roughly 149 million smartphones were sold worldwide during the 2011 holiday season, according to Gartner...

This is the only screen that students see when they try to access a blocked website. It does not provide an exact reason the site is blocked.

Blocked websites at Decatur High School

March 5, 2012

Most students have experienced being blocked from a website that they were trying to access from the...

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