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Futbol Face-off

April 21, 2015

Chelsea’s impressive track record has consistently kept them in the top tier, and they are currently first in the Premier League. Instead of sticking with tried-and-true players, they made several transfers this season – but these only strengthened them.

CheThe club’s midfield is outstanding. Defensive powerhouse Nemanja Matic leads the Chelsea midfield, and lets the rest of the midfielders attack while he makes tackles with the back four. Beside Matic is Cesc Fabregas, who leads the league in assists. Fabregas has the key to unlocking defenses and providing plenty of attack opportunities.

Ahead of Matic and Fabregas are Hazard from Belgium and the Brazilian duo Oscar and Willian. Hazard is arguably the best dribbler in the league, while Oscar and Willian provide a goal threat playing in behind the striker.

Unlike his Man City counterpart Joe Hart, Belgian keeper Thibaut Courtois has made few mistakes over his career and solidified himself as a top five keeper in the world at the age of twenty-two. Courtois recently had his best performance of the season making six saves against Paris Saint-Germain FC.

None of this would be possible without manager Jose Mourinho. Mourinho led four national teams to a title, and won the UEFA Champions League twice. This makes Man City’s Pellegrini look grossly unqualified, with only one league title to his name.

Under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea will return to the top of England and claim their fifth league title. -Jackson Bailey, senior

Chelsea FC will not win the Premier League. Although their team is very strong, Manchester City will close the five-point gap by the end of the season.

ManCityManchester City is a well-rounded squad, but their leading goal scorer and star player Sergio Agüero will be the most important to their success for the remainder of the season. He scored 17 goals in 21 games this season, and tied for most goals scored with rival Chelsea striker, Diego Costa.

When Agüero plays well, Manchester City tends to win.

On the other side of the title race, the lack of squad changes in Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team is starting to show. Since the same players start almost all games, fatigue has become a factor in Chelsea’s performance.

On February 21, Chelsea tied 18th place Burnley and missed a crucial 3 points. With Man City hot on their heels, ties and losses to lower tier teams such as Burnley will cost Chelsea in the end, when every point lost matters.

Along with Agüero, center midfielder Yaya Touré and striker Wilfried Bony rejoined the team after their African Cup of Nations campaigns. Recent big wins and the fact that most of the Manchester City team is game fit will be the cause of City’s title run becoming a success, while lack of fresh legs will cause Chelsea’s downfall. -Baylen Altizer, Carpe Diem 


My favorite team is Manchester Unite, so I always want them to win. However, Chelsea’s playing well. They’re on all cylinders right now, kind of a machine. So, if you look at the stats, I favor Chelsea.

ManuI think it’s tough to say which team is more talented. Each team has their strengths in different areas. Chelsea right now, their defense is pretty solid. I think that’s one of the biggest things that helps them, but at the same time they do have a crazy goal scorer – Diego Costa – someone that’s willing to be there in the right spot and put the goal in the back of the net.

Manchester United has their strengths as well. The midfield is finally starting to come around; however, they still have Wayne Rooney in the midfield, who is an excellent forward. They need to get him back up top some how. There are other forwards that could play in that spot. They’ve also had to manage with a new manager as well as changing their formation every so often. That’s very difficult for them. At the end of the day I think those two will be up there. Man City of course is up there as well, they’re a fantastic team so they’re in the running as well, but I want Man U to win.  -Stephen Gathany, ESS teacher, varsity girls soccer coach

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