Song of the Week: “Stay”

RIZ LA VIE’s song “Stay” feels like holding a hot drink on a crisp & chilly fall day. As winter rain and chilly weather fast approaches, music can help insulate and keep us optimistic! RIZ LA VIE’s crooning voice and seamless blend of genres, one part hip hop, one part pop, makes the song versatile for lots of moods. 

When midterms loom, the repetitive lyrics and beat make it a good study song, and a hopeful song for when they look a little too threatening. It’s a song to share with friends because everyone can find something they like- the guitar, drumbeat or the electronic enhancements.

RIZ LA VIE is known for singing about being in love, heartache, and good times. He’s a New York artist originally from New Jersey. The song “Stay” came out in 2017 on the independent EP Keep. Some of his other songs include “Napkins,” which has amassed over 20 million streams, and “Saturn,” a pop/rap song about climate change. Despite absolutely bangin beats, “Napkins” remains his only hit, and he has yet to break into the mainstream. 

“Stay” is a song about a love that feels like home. The title sets up the comforting theme of the song, supported by lyrics like “you make me want to stay in shape” and “I like it when you say my name”. The lovey-dovey haunting feel of the song is balanced by a more playful and upbeat side, including the repeating “let’s stay young/ still grow/ have fun”. RIZ LA VIE told Billboard that the song is about “keeping my cool… through the hardest times in my life”. 

RIZ LA VIE’s raw, soulful voice sweeps the listener up and stops everything else for a few minutes until it’s over- and we’re reminded that while we can’t stay young forever, let’s appreciate it while we still are.