Chemistry teacher moves to Indonesia


Although Bob Maxfield only came back to teach at Decatur for a year, he left a lasting impression. He was part of a band, the leader of a safe space learning connection, and a teacher who prioritized his student’s best interests.

He originally taught at Decatur High in the years before 2006, but moved overseas with his wife and his two daughters from 2006 to 2017. When he moved back, he resumed teaching and got his job back at DHS. He and his wife planned to settle down with their daughters, however his wife got an offer to run the CDC center in Indonesia.

Now, he is preparing to leave again and move halfway across the world to Jakarta, Indonesia.

His former students are sad to see him go.

“He actually made chemistry fun,” Junior Kate Tyler said, “it was a really interesting class to be in. People in other chem classes thought chemistry was boring.”

On top of being a chemistry teacher, Maxfield’s learning connection was a safe space for the students to discuss their beliefs on the controversial issues happening around the world.

“He was a great teacher,” Junior Jack Egger said. “He actually cares about his students and wanted all of us to succeed.”

Maxfield was also part of a band with APUSH teachers, Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Fernandez, and Mr. Ensley. They played music for the students in the hallway before class. Maxfield was the drummer, Sawyer was the lead singer/guitarist, Fernandez played the keyboard, and Ensley played bass.

He’s a great guy who loves to have fun, travel, and get the most out of life,” Sawyer said. “I really enjoyed playing music with him and I’m sad to see him go. We used to play music in the halls between classes just to get everybody in a positive mood. He is just really a great guy and I wish he weren’t moving.”

Bob Maxfield left a lasting impression on the students, teachers, and chemistry program at Decatur High. He plans to search for a teaching job in Indonesia after the move. He and his family plan to depart Atlanta in two weeks. 

“One more family adventure before the kids graduate from high school,” Maxfield said. “Our daughters were super excited about living overseas again and so considering their ages and the fact that they will both be 18 and off to college fairly soon, we decided to take the leap and move again.”

While he is no longer at Decatur, his colleagues and students will miss him greatly.