The Clowns come to Atlanta


Coulrophobia [kool-ruh-FOH-bee-uh] n. an abnormal fear of clowns.

In September, the nationwide hysteria began, sparked by posts on the now-infamous Instagram account @timbotheclown.

The Instagram page that started it all.

Throughout the Instagram page, the “Clowns” have documented their travels as they make their way across the country in their old grey school bus. Based on the pictures on @timbotheclown, there are three main clowns.

With each new city they are in, they ask for schools they should come to. People comment on the post and the Clowns make an
appearance at the school.

The Clowns just recently made their way to Atlanta, and as usual they asked for schools to come to.

Druid Hills High School was one of the schools that they were asked to visit. A teacher at DHHS received an email about the clowns being at the nearby Emory University campus. Nicole Avery, a student at DHHS was there for the lock down.

The Instagram page is used to document the Clowns journey.

“Everyone was talking about it, everyone was freaked out and scared,” Avery said.

Several questions have been raised about whether the hysteria that has been created is something that needs be taken seriously. To make the hysteria worse there have been copycat clowns. The copycats have said to be luring kids into the woods with candy and money.

Throughout the Instagram account, there are claims made by the @timbotheclown that he is not what hes refers to as a “killer clown.”

Many students have voiced their opinions about the clown hysteria. Sophomore Chloe Guzman thinks that whole thing is just a “stupid joke.”

“Whoever wants to get dressed up as a clown can go ahead, it’s just stupid,” Guzman said. “But the minute they do anything where they can get arrested anywhere near Decatur, I’m gone.”

Avery agrees with Guzman, she thinks the hysteria is being created by “people joking around.”

“I think most of them are just dressing up to scare people,” Avery said.

Campbell LaRocco, a student at St. Pius X Catholic High School, is on the borderline. He thinks some people are doing it for “kicks and giggles,” but others are taking it to a different, more serious level.



All pictures are from Instagram.