Senior resells Supreme


Ben Greco

The  sound of one of Mr. Hatfield’s advisement videos blares in the background. But Senior Brandon Byars (aka Pieman) isn’t listening. Instead, he stares at his IPhone, waiting for the clock to turn. As soon as it hits 11 he quickly refreshes the page. He immediately adds a windbreaker, a long sleeve shirt, and a bomber jacket into his cart and checks out within seconds.

This scene is familiar to many that collect and wear Supreme. Every Thursday, at 11AM supreme updates their page with about 10-15 new products. Usually, Supreme will collaborate with a brand. Their collaborations range from The North Face to Vans and Doc Martens.

“Supreme has done a great job so far this season with their collabs,” he said. “I much prefer it to FW15.”

Supreme doesn’t only collaborate though. Most of their releases are their own clothing along with some collabs.

“I recently just picked up the Betty Boop bomber off of the drop a few weeks ago. I just sold it for $500, making $200.”

Pieman1Pieman uses a tool to purchase limited clothing called a bot. After entering all your payment information, you simply add the item to your cart and it checks out for you.

“Without my bot, I wouldn’t be able to successfully purchase half of my Supreme.”

Bots aren’t cheap though. Pieman and his friend Noah Ruffin invested into a $200 bot.

“I know it sounds like a lot, but the profit outweighs the cost of the bot,” he said. “In fact, I’ve already made my money back.

Pieman believes that reselling clothing is a very unknown and underrated way of making some quick cash.

“I don’t think people realize the opportunities to be had with reselling Supreme or really any other clothes,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll have made at least $1000 before the season ends.”

Some of Pieman’s friends resell high fashion clothing, including brands such as Number (N)ine, Helmut Lang, and Rick Owens.

“You can resell any hyped clothing when you think about it,” he said. “If people will pay, you can resell it.

Supreme’s SS16 season has been one of the most hyped of all time. Almost all merchandise including boring camps, pocket tees, and bucket hats are selling out within seconds. However, there’s only been 3 weeks of drops so far, but Pieman has high hopes for the future.

“It’s very early so I don’t feel like judging it just yet,” he said. “But from what I’ve seen it looks good.”