Decatur Baseball shows its love for gloves

Elijah Maris

Baseball gloves are very important for players. They have to catch and field the ball, but not only are they using it as a piece of equipment some players have a serious connection with their glove.

Even professional baseball players build a certain connection with their glove. Bobby Wilson, who was a minor league player, told the Los Angeles Times about his love for his glove

“To be honest, I think I slept with my first glove every single night the first year I had it. Most kids that age have a teddy bear. I had my baseball glove to cuddle with.”

Glove  companies  are constantly showing off gloves the pros use in order to better promote their company. They share videos of the glove and the player talking about why they love their glove and what it means to them. Kids  love buying their favorite players glove. Videos of players discussing their gloves have been popping up a lot recently, along with websites sharing and reviewing gloves for the public.

Oliver Livingston resizedEven our own Decatur Bulldogs baseball players have their own personal connection for their glove. Oliver Livingston who is a pitcher and first baseman discusses his thoughts on his glove and what it means to him.

“Like a piece of equipment, but as time goes on I start to feel connected with it.” Livingston said.

Livingston says that he builds a strong connection with his glove, so much so that even when he is done using it he will keep it around.

“It’s your glove you take care of it. You know? You just have it, it’s yours.”

Livingston has a more personal attachment towards his glove, but not everyone feels the same. Myles Johnson is a middle infielder for the school and he did not seem to feel the same way.

When asked if he has any connection with his glove he said “Not really I have not had it for that long.” Johnson does say he builds a connection with his glove after a while and says it is “kind of like a second hand.”

Both believe they build some sort of connection for their glove making the equipment more than just an object, but an object with personal meaning.