The fresh and the fashionable


This year’s freshman class has not only brought a population bump, but some fresh styles to Decatur. From Preppy to Indie, thrifty to brand-name, check out class of 2018’s style.

Cassidy Attick

Wearing: Boots and jeans from Macy’s, shirt from Abercrombie + Fitch, cardigan from American Eagle

Favorite Store/Brand: Forever 21 and American Threads

Fashion Icon: “There’s people that I wish I could dress like but their clothes are really expensive,” like Kendal and Kylie Jenner.

Time to Get Dressed: About an hour

Would Spend at Most: Most she would spend on a t-shirt is $20 because she pays for most of her clothing on her own dime.










Joy Kendrick

Wearing: Shirt from American Apparel, jacket from Macy’s, shoes from TJ Maxx, shorts from Target, necklace from forever 21

Favorite Store/Brand: H&M, American Apparel, Etsy, and Goodwill for thrift stores

Fashion Icon: Lilly Collins and Lauren Conrad

Time to Get Dressed: 30 min.

Fashion don’t: “I don’t like white pants. I just feel like they’re unflattering.”










Thalia Garoufalidis

Wearing: Shirt and overall dress from Urban Outfitters, Dr. Marten shoes from Abbadabba’s

Favorite Store/Brand: Urban Outfitters and Last Chance Thrift Store

Fashion Icon: “A lot of my friends [are my fashion idols], and Kaya Scodelario.”

Time to Get Dressed: 30 min. to an hour

Fashion don’t: Wearing leggings with nothing covering your butt











Gavriel Bailey

Most Expensive Item: Spent $250 on his Foamposites

Favorite Store/Brand: Jordans

Fashion Tip: “Shoes add a nice touch to your wardrobe. They make you look good from head to toe, literally.”

His Style: A sneakerhead, or “someone that has that shoe that makes everyone go ‘oh, look at those kicks!’”

Quick fact: “I go to sneaker conventions, like Sneakercon, which is coming September 13, and I will be attending. But I usually just shop at regular stores.”











Jake Vaughn

Once Wore: “these pants called “Loud Mouth Golf Pants,” and they were pretty crazy, but I liked them. People thought they were weird.”

Favorite Store/Brand: Vineyard Vines and thrift stores

Time to Get Dressed: “It doesn’t take me very long. I just pick something out and say ‘hey, that looks good’ and put it on.”

Favorite Item: Vineyard Vines shirt with a whale with an American flag on it “because I like to look patriotic, and it’s a high quality button down.”

Quick fact: “I like to dress nice.  It makes me feel fresh and ready.”











Spencer Harris

Wearing: teal blouse, jeans, and flats from Ann Taylor Loft

Favorite store/brand: Ann Taylor Loft, the thrift store, Marshall’s

Fashion icon: “A lot of high schoolers – [Lizzy and I] will just see people and be like ‘Oh, I like her outfit.’’

Time to get dressed: “I plan outfits weeks in advance.”

On Trends: doesn’t like maxi dresses, booty shorts “that actually show your booty”, or “preppy stuff [like] Vineyard Vines”

Quick fact: “I like to keep it simple, but with vibrant colors.”

Fashion tip: “If you wouldn’t buy it full price, don’t buy it on sale.”


Lizzy Cochran:

Wearing: white muscle tee, boyfriend jeans, black Birkenstocks with floral socks

Favorite store/brand: the thrift store, Marshall’s “I don’t really focus on brands.”

Fashion Icon: Vanessa Hudgens – “I just think her clothes are really pretty.”

On Trends: “I used to not like Birkenstocks.”

Quick fact: Likes lots of accessories and has a double ear piercing.