‘So Much Fun’ is a nonstop party

Atlanta rapper Young Thug brings all his fellow artists to the party with his newly released project titled So Much Fun. The nineteen song LP dropped at midnight in mid August which also happened to be his birthday. So Much Fun is Thug’s first ever full length studio album which is a big deal for the veteran artist whose consistently released music since 2010. At first glance, this project is destined to take Thug to the next level in his career and fans should not be disappointed.

The production on the album includes some of the best producers and engineers in the rap game such as DJ Mustard, Wheezy, DJ Durel, Southside and Pi’erre Bourne with executive production by J. Cole. With over two years since his release of Beautiful Thugger Girls which was an extremely unique but not very successful project, the self proclaimed ‘Wave Master’ put in a lot of effort to earn himself this high level of mainstream attention. 

“I’ve been going through the storm,” Thug says. “Once this album goes number one, the storm is over. The storm been calmed. That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted it to be fun, because I felt like this album was going to go number one.” he says.

Thug has notably suffered through many low points in the last few years with his arrests, family struggles, commercial disappointments and the critical grumblings that followed. His new project with its optimistic title gives fans the idea that he wants to bask in the positivity of this moment and grow as an artist. With this hot new release, Thug has a bright future ahead of him that is only getting brighter. He has kept himself very busy this past year while his media attention and content output has only increased. The Atlanta fashion icon launched his SPIDER fashion brand earlier this year which has gained traction and received significant acknowledgement in the fashion industry. He featured on Ed Sheeran’s No.6 Collaborations Project song “Feels,” on Post Malone’s single “Goodbyes” and appeared on a Lil Nas X remix of “Old Town Road”. In addition to a long list of big time features, Thug will be joining fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly and hitting the road on tour next month in order to support his new album. 

“I felt like it was going to be the highest-charting album in my career. I felt like everything that’s happening; I felt that it would happen and deep down I was going through a lot. That’s why I wanted to make it So Much Fun, because I wanted to really fall back on this and be like, ‘Damn, this is really how I overcome oppression and struggle.’” he says.

So Much Fun sold almost 140,000 album equivalent units in its first week, which is not only the biggest solo week of Thug’s career, but enough to notch him his first No. 1 album. The YSL backed project was able to beat out the competing, Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 album that landed the No. 3 position.

The project’s lead single, “The London,”  featuring J. Cole and Travis Scott is the most successful single as a lead artist of Thug’s career. Now that he is diving deep into high profile mainstream realm of artists with big label support, Thug is putting so much more investment into his career and it’s paying off. The way he drives his career and continues to find new ways to express himself is impressive especially due to the amount of criticism experienced as an artist. 

So Much Fun is simply an amalgamation of music that Thug likes making with no true purpose or message but to entertain. This album is an excellent blend of great qualities from his previous work that creates a balanced project with sufficient bops. Thugger performed vocally like on Jeffrey, lyrically like on Slime Season and emotionally like on Beautiful Thugger Girls. Never before have all these elements converged together like this, forging the ultimate Young Thug fusion. This top-notch performance has been spread across perfectly paced beats, flawless transitions and a near perfect set features. Quite literally, the production on this album is just a blast. 

“Hot” featuring Gunna is a guaranteed hit with a spotless arrangement of high hats and epic ascending horns giving it a mean memphis like bounce. “Light it up” is a down and dirty mixture of hard trap sounds including a killer 808 bass and clap that thread together into an amazing anthem. “Surf” also featuring Gunna, is destined to be a classic spring break and summer song for years to come with its wavy melody, smooth but light kick and last but definitely not least, Gunna’s groovy vocals that create an impeccable vibe. “Bad Bad Bad” featuring Lil Baby is another example of Thug’s incredible flow and beat placement that make for a catchy tune without effort.

Thug has built a career on his inscrutable nature but his evolution is leading a new generation of stars such as Gunna and Lil Keed on his YSL Records. His musical advancement is growing every release as he climbs up the ladder of the music industry. At the end of the day, this album will undoubtedly be an overall hit in the clubs, in the streets and on the charts. Thug’s future is bright and with this level of guidance and investment he’s put into his craft, more good music will come.