Keson Graham: “Decatur’s Photographer”

2018 alum Keson Graham, branded as “Decatur’s Photographer” during his time at DHS, began taking pictures in middle school for the Renfroe yearbook. But his love for photography really began his sophomore year at DHS.

“I started it as my sophomore project. It started off as a photography account (on Instagram),” Graham said. “Everybody really liked my pictures so I kept doing it. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer.”

Keson takes photos at almost every sports game, school play, musical, and every other school event there is. On top of this, he posts for student’s birthdays.

“I use the DHS website for all the sports and I check Facebook too,” he said. “I save people’s birthday posts from last year to keep up with that.”

Graham, taking pictures at a football game last year. (Picture courtesy of Keson Graham)

Graham thinks that he’s always known he wanted to be a photographer, and he was inspired by other photographers in Decatur.

“There’s this guy, he runs this account on Instagram and Facebook called @ishootatlanta. Also Troy Earnest too, he’s a photographer. There is this other guy named Gregory White, he takes pictures in Decatur too.” Graham follows these accounts and many others that shoot photography and post for inspiration.

He recently began making short films about sports teams, events, and people. He posts the videos on his YouTube, Keson Graham.

“I thought I wanted to try something new…I’ve been to a film camp for 6 years so I started making movies too.”

Graham has been to multiple film camps, photography camp, and was an intern at a film camp last summer. He now attends the Art Institute of Atlanta, and is studying digital photography.

Graham has run @dhspics account for almost 4 years now, and he continues to run it on the side. He thinks the account, seen by almost all Decatur students, wouldn’t be the same without him.

“I plan to probably make it last long for me because people really need my help and I really miss all my friends and I just figure that it will be nice to stay and take pictures. I hope I’ll find someone else to run the account at some point.”

As for now, Keson continues to take photos not just for fun, but for memories of his time at Decatur High.

“It’s really good to take pictures so you can remember back what happened.”


Keson’s handles:

Instagram – @dhspics, @kesongraham, and @decaturhighlights

Snapchat – @kesongraham

Youtube – Keson Graham