SGA proposes tentative walkout plan to Decatur administration

After 17 students died in a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month, schools have been organizing walkouts across the country, and our Student Government Association (SGA) set a tentative schedule for Decatur to join them.

Their plan for the walkout begins at 10:00, the time the Douglas shooter entered the school. The first 15 minutes are scheduled to allow all students who wish to participate to reach the front of the building.

Then, student Max Moore, who knew a student who died in the Douglas shooting, will give a short speech.

During the next 17 minutes, students will sit in silent remembrance of the 17 who died at Marjory Douglas and the 400 students and teachers who died in school shootings in 2017.

Marjory Douglas students and parents the first time they returned to the school after the shooting. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

A name will be announced every minute and students will be provided with notecards to write letters to our government representatives or Marjory Douglas.

Afterward, students can listen to another speech or proceed back to class and continue with their day.

Assuming students are again given 15 minutes to return back to class, the event would be about an hour long.

SGA arrived at 7:45 on a Friday morning to discuss a plan, first working in small groups and then larger ones. No teachers were in the room when SGA created their proposed schedule.

The administration has not responded to SGA regarding the proposed plan.

SGA presidents Jake Miller and Spencer Harris write plans on a whiteboard. Both wanted to emphasize the importance of not turning the possible walkout into an opportunity to skip.