Upbeet Atlanta brings trendy health food to Westside

September 28, 2017

Upbeet is in Westside Atlanta, located near Westside Provisions.

Featured in a large, understated white building with a black “Upbeet” sign at the top left, Upbeet Atlanta has been bringing in all the yogis, committed Crossfitters and Instagram foodies here for the picturesque acai bowls.  

Upbeet Atlanta was founded by the people behind Yeah! Burger, and aims to be a sustainable and nutritious fast food alternative. Upbeet features two separate counters: one for lattes, toasts and acai bowls, and another for juices, grain bowls and salad bowls.

The interior of the restaurant is filled with plants and prints to add to the clean and fresh atmosphere.

One of the best meals at Upbeet doesn’t come from the mega long salad bar or picture perfect acai bowls, but from the faster, smaller, toasts and lattes counter. The Labne Long Time Toast features labne, a Jewish yogurt, topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes and housemade pesto.

The toast, coupled with their pitch black charcoal lemonade, made with activated charcoal and lemons make for an easy and light meal that you don’t even feel the slightest bit guilty about.  The toast is rich and decadent, and the lemonade is refreshing and balances out the toast just right.

Upbeet’s “Pink Drink” has dragonfruit, vanilla coconut milk, pomegranate, strawberries, bananas, and dates. Upbeet also has tons of trending drinks like Golden Milk, which is a blend of cashew milk and loads of spices, and the Smurf Latte, which has “blue majik” and vanilla almond milk in it.

The restaurant flaunts a modern, trendy feel, with millennial pink accents and a peace sign logo on hats, doors and cups all around.

Along with the sleek decor and plentiful healthy options, the restaurant is known for sustainable practices. All cups and bowls are made out of compostable materials, while everything else used in the store is either recyclable or reusable. Even in the bathrooms, there are water saving sink fixtures and eco friendly soap and toilet paper.

The restaurant covers all of its bases. It has fresh, nutritional food, and it practices sustainability in food and atmosphere. If you go to Upbeet, you’re sure to leave with the satisfaction of supporting a clean, local business that should be a model for other businesses to follow. To have good food, you don’t need to spend a thousand dollars or end up at a five star restaurant. Look no further than Upbeet.

Upbeet’s signature logo, a peace sign, is found on all of their cups, walls and hats.

In terms of pricing, Upbeet is a “choose your own adventure” restaurant. You can spend however much or however little money you want. On the bargain end, Upbeet has toasts and juices for under five dollars. On the pricier end, Upbeet features acai and salad bowls for full meals, along with “superfood lattes” which cover all the trends: from matcha to golden milk to blue smurf lattes.

After grabbing some toast and coffee to kick start your day, you’ll leave Upbeet with a stomach full of great food, some aesthetically pleasing pictures for your instagram and the satisfaction of supporting fresh, local food.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Wallace and the Upbeet Instagram page. 

Contact the writer, Niki Gajjar at 18nikigajjar@csdecatur.net

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Upbeet Atlanta brings trendy health food to Westside