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Ellie Holcomb is back and here to brighten your day

January 31, 2017

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In true indie-folk, singer-songwriter style, Ellie Holcomb is back with her newest album, one chock-full of profound, honest and emotional tracks.

Red Sea Road,” released January 27, is Holcomb’s second full studio album and one rich with her sufferings. and discovery of grace in the midst of the heartbreak. The intimate look into the mother of two’s hardships is gracefully paired with her discovery of grace in the midst of heartbreak.

Her lyrics are authentic and her story is challenging, but relatable.

“I think my first record was probably more ‘help my unbelief’,” Holcomb wrote on her website, “but I think this one [is] more ‘I’m surprised and delighted to say that God is faithful.’”

The album’s namesake, “Red Sea Road,” is a song capturing the epitome of that messageㅡHolcomb’s message of revival in a dark place.

“‘Red Sea Road’ is one of those songs that I had to write because I needed to sing what was true,” Holcomb told She Reads Truth.

The track is a tale of aching and pain sung alongside the hopeful and encouraging lyrics of “where He leads us to go, there’s a Red Sea road,” and “we’ll never walk alone down a Red Sea road.”

Holcomb’s reference to God’s parting of the Red Sea found in Exodus, is sung atop a beautiful melody, one that encompases a sense of hope so perfectly in its quick, buoyant strumming and drumming.

The remaining 12 tracks found on this album, from soft, piano-driven melodies to upbeat, captivating anthems, narrate a similar story, one of a truth Holcomb has grown to live by.

As a Knoxville-native, as well as an indie-folk singer-songwriter, Holcomb’s sound is inherently unique, ranging from southern-style country, to folk-infused tunes.

Tracks such as “Wonderfully Made,” showcase her Tennessee background, seen through traditional country-style strumming and accompaniment.  

Other songs like “He Will,” “Living Water” and “Fighting Words,” are reminiscent of modern Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) with digitized elements alongside commendatory instrumentation and Holcomb’s unparalleled voice.

Popular songs in the worship community are also featured on the album. “I Will Never Be the Same” and “Rescue” are remade and better than ever.

“This record feels more declarative because I have just needed to sing the truth into the dark,” Holcomb said.

And that’s exactly what she’s done.

“I don’t know if this album is for anybody else, but I need to sing these songs,” she went on to write. “I need to sing these for my own soul.”

“Red Sea Road” is an album brimming with hope and revival found amidst well-produced, impeccably-authored and wonderfully-sung tracks.

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Listen to Ellie with her husband and his band below:
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